Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Home Window Safety

With fall starting to creep in on us and temperatures already starting to drop a little here at the Lake, many people will be taking advantage of the pleasant weather by opening up their windows. While windows allow us to enjoy a breeze of fresh air indoors, they also play a big part in the safety of our homes. Here are some tips for keeping the right things in and the wrong things out!

1. Keep Children and Pets Safe. 

Falls from windows are more common than you would think. According to the Safe Kids Worldwide 2015 Report to the Nation: Protecting Children in Your Home, about 8 children under the age of 5 die each year from falling out a window and more than 3,300 are injured seriously enough to go to the hospital. Here are some suggestions for keeping both your children and your pets safe:
  • Adult supervision is key. Never leave children unattended in rooms with open windows and keep their play safely away from windows. 
  • Keep windows closed and locked when children are present. 
  • When opening windows for ventilation, make sure children cannot reach them. 
  • For a double-hung window on an upper floor, open only the top sash nearest the ceiling, leaving the bottom one closed. 
  • Don't rely on insect screens to prevent a fall because they are not designed to hold the weight of a child. 
  • Keep furniture away from windows as they could tempt a curious child to climb and potentially fall. 

2. Keep Intruders Out. 

Window safety also includes devising strategies to keep intruders out. Examine window hardware and make sure windows lock properly. Also, make sure any locks, window guards or other safety devices open from the inside, to enable your family to exit in the event of an emergency. Window alarms and impact-resistanct glass films or screens can also help secure your windows. Keep window areas lit and trim tree branches or other vegitation that might provide cover for intruders away from the windows.

3. Accessibility for Escape Route. 

According to most residentail building codes, bedrooms must have a secondary means of escape in case of fire or smoke, and often times that exit is through a window. Therefore, it's important that those windows are safe and easily accessible. Follow these tips to make sure your windows are in proper working order incase of an emergency:
  • Test windows to make sure they open easily and are not sealed shut by paint, dirt or weathering. If windows can't be opened quickly and easily, be sure to replace them. 
  • Keep escape routes free of clutter to speed your escape and to help prevent potential falls. 
  • Practice fire escape routes with everyone in the home, both during the day and at night. 
  • Keep emergency escape ladders in second- or third-story bedrooms and teach everyone how to use them. 

While it's imporant to follow these safety measures, sometimes accidents do happen. That's why it is important to talk to your Lake of the Ozarks insurance agent to make sure you're fully insured for whatever might occur. Make sure your health insurance is up-to-date incase you have to take a trip to the ER and make sure your homeowners insurance is also current. At Insure the Lake, we can help you with all aspects of your insurance - give us a call today at 573-348-2794! 

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About the Author: Steve is a double back-flip insurance ninja. He was named Young Insurance Agent of the Year by the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents in 2010 and is a Certified Insurance Counselor. When he is not helping customers, he enjoys community service, Latin dancing with his beautiful wife and going on adventures with his two awesome sons.

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