Friday, July 8, 2016

4 Tips for Avoiding Homeowner Disasters

Homeownership can be fun, but with it comes some added responsibility. There are some things you can do now that could save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are a few tips for avoiding a homeowner's nightmare, and hopefully prevent the need to file a Lake of the Ozarks homeowners insurance claim:

1. Clean Out Your Gutters. 

Summertime is the best time for exterior maintenance of your home. Cleaning out your gutters not only makes your house look nicer, it prevents drainage issues that can lead to worse problems. When your gutters are clogged, excess water splashes down toward your siding and foundation, causing cracks to form and walls to lean overtime. Make sure your downspouts are directing water a good 5-10 feet away from your home. 

2. Have Your Roof Inspected. 

Your roof provides protection for your entire home and its contents, so it's important to make sure it's functioning properly. Start by walking around your house looking for cracks in the flashing, any missing or buckled shingles and any excess moss on your roof. These are all signs that you may have a roofing issue that needs to be addressed. Many roofing companies offer free roof inspections, so it may be a good idea to give a professional a call to come out and take a look.

3. Fix Minor Repair Issues. 

While some repairs may seem minor, they can easily grow into bigger disasters. Take a small leak for example. Leaks that go unnoticed can cause damage to wood, metals and sheetrock. Even if a leak isn't visible, you may notice an increase in your water bill. This could be a sign there's a leak somewhere. By fixing small issues now, you can save money in major repairs down the road.

4. Keep Pests Away. 

Keeping an eye out for pests, such as termites, is never a bad idea. If you notice crumbling sheetrock or small holes in the wood around your home, it could be a sign that some type of pest is getting in there. Staying on top of leaks and drainage is a good first step to preventing a termite infestation. In addition, keep outdoor wood products away from your house and off the ground. Seal any holes or cracks in the foundation and trim any foliage away from your home's foundation. You could also consider hiring a pest control company to come out and routinely spray for pests.

Early detection of home related issues is key! By keeping a close eye on what's happening with your house and doing a little preventative maintenance, you can avoid some homeowners disasters. While you're in the process of summer maintenance on your home, be sure to talk to your Lake of the Ozarks insurance agent to make sure your homeowners policy is up-to-date. If something does go wrong, you can rest assured Insure the Lake is here for you!

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About the Author: Steve is a double back-flip insurance ninja. He was named Young Insurance Agent of the Year by the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents in 2010 and is a Certified Insurance Counselor. When he is not helping customers, he enjoys community service, Latin dancing with his beautiful wife and going on adventures with his two awesome sons.

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