Friday, September 2, 2016

Insurance Considerations for Landlords

The Lake of the Ozarks area is known for its abundance of second homeowners, many of who choose to rent out that home when they're not using it. Did you know that if you're renting out your house, some things might not be covered under your Lake of the Ozarks homeowners insurance policy? In today's blog, we'll go over why you might want to consider purchasing additional coverage through a landlord insurance policy.

The Risks Associated With Renters

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover owner-occupied, single-family residences. When you're home is being rented out, it no longer meets those criteria and therefore, may no longer be covered. While your homeowners policy will typically cover a short-term rental, it's not going to cover a vacation home where you have different people in and out every week. Those types of situations, which are common here in the Lake area, create a lot more risk for the insurance company. In addition to the increased chances of injuries on the property, rental properties tend to experience more claims as tenants typically don't care for the property as well as the owner would.

Landlord Insurance Policies 

If you choose to rent out your home to tenants, whether short-term as vacation rentals or long-term, be sure to inform your Lake of the Ozarks insurance agent. A trusted agent will be able to talk to you about a specific landlord insurance policy. Coverage from a basic landlord policy isn't going to be quite as broad as a homeowners policy, but it will include big risks such as fire, wind, theft and ice damage. You can expect to pay 15-20% more for landlord insurance, but just think about the savings you'll have if something does happen to your property while under the care of your tenant.

Other Insurance Considerations

While landlord insurance covers the house itself, there are other aspects you'll want to consider. You may want additional coverage for other structures on the property, the owner's possessions, lost rental income if the house is damaged and uninhabitable and/or liability protection for the owner in case of injury or lawsuit. In addition, for long-term rentals you should advise your tenants to purchase renters insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks, so that their own property is protected. Their personal belongings won't be covered under your homeowners policy or your landlords policy.

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