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Determining Property Value

In order to properly insure your home or business, you need to know the value of the property. In today's blog we discuss several approaches to determining property value. In real estate, property evaluation is done in one of three general methodologies: cost approach, income approach or comparables approach. Keep reading to learn how these approaches relate to your Lake of the Ozarks insurance coverage.

Cost Approach 

With the cost approach, the value of a property can be estimated by determining the cost to build an equivalent structure. In this scenario, the market value of the property is is equal to the cost of land plus cost of construction, less depreciation. This approach is the most accurate when the property is relatively new. There are two different ways to go about the cost approach: the reproduction method or the replacement method. With the reproduction method, you base the value on rebuilding with the exact same materials. With the replacement method, you base the value on rebuilding with the use of newer materials, current construction techniques and an updated design. Most residential appraisals do not use this approach. However, the cost approach is commonly used with properties such as libraries, schools or churches, where they generate little income and they're not often marketed, so the income and comparable approaches aren't valid.

Income Approach 

The income approach is an appraisal method that allows investors to estimate the value of a property by taking the net operating income of the rent collected an dividing it by the capitalization rate. Capitalization rate is the rate of return on an investment property based on the income the property is expected to generate. Investors will estimate this rate based on comparable properties in the area and how much income they generate. This approach is most commonly used on investment property, in which income is generated. When using this approach an investor must also take into consideration the condition of the property.

Comparables Approach 

The comparables approach is where the value of a property is estimated based on the price of a recently sold, similar property. This technique is often used to determine the initial sales price of a property going on the market. It is also helpful in accurately appraising the value of an asset.

Property Value for Insurance Purposes 

The above approaches are used to determine market value for real estate purposes. When it comes to insuring your property, you want to take into consideration more than just the current market value. Depending on the market, your home or business could often sell for much more or much less than what it would cost to replace it. In times of disaster, it won't matter what your property could have sold for, it will only matter how much it's going to cost to rebuild and get you back to where you were before. Therefore, its important that you understand that one property can have several different "values" and those differences affect how much insurance coverage you really need to be protected.

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