Thursday, November 3, 2016

The 411 on Roommates and Insurance

Whether you're in college and looking to save money on housing or you're a working professional that's sharing a house with a friend, having a roommate can be great. Many people across the country share housing to cut expenses. In today's blog, your Lake of the Ozarks insurance agent discusses how having a roommate can affect your insurance coverage.

Roommates and Renter's Insurance 

While some insurance companies allow roommates to be on the same renter's insurance policy, it is not advised. Several issues can arise with a shared policy. For one, any claims your roommate makes will affect your insurance history, whether they have anything to do with you or not. It's important for each person to establish their own insurance history, as it can affect your rates for years to come. Another issue is that the value of your combined belongings determines the cost of your premium. When one roommate owns more expensive items, then splitting the insurance payment 50/50 doesn't really work. Problems can also arise if one roommate chooses to move out before the other. Renter's insurance is very affordable, and each individual roommate can easily obtain their own policy.

Roommates and Homeowners Insurance 

In some cases, one roommate owns the home and is just renting out a spare room to the other roommate. In this case, homeowners insurance would cover the majority of potential risks. Common areas of the house and items that maybe you own, but your roommate/renter also uses will be covered. However, the homeowners policy will not cover the renters personal belongings. It is still advised that the renter obtain an individual renter's insurance policy to cover the loss of any personal belongings and personal liability issues. This also allows the renter to establish their own insurance history as mentioned in the renter's insurance paragraph above.

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