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Auto Insurance: Know Your Coverage

You probably hear it all the time, "know your coverage." How many of us actually know what we're paying for when it comes to our auto insurance at the Lake of the Ozarks? If you were to get into an auto accident tomorrow, what would you have to pay out of pocket? It's important that you talk to your Lake of the Ozarks insurance agent to understand your coverage. While you may have the minimum coverage required by the state, you may not have adequate coverage for your needs. Keep reading to learn about the different types of auto insurance coverage.

Common Types of Auto Insurance

No auto insurance policy is created equal. Below is a list of common coverages you can get, but each is subject to the limits, terms and conditions of your specific policy.

1. Bodily Injury Liability Coverage - In the event you're at fault in an accident, bodily injury liability generally pays for injuries to the driver and passengers of the other vehicle. In addition, it can provide coverage to defend you if you are being sued as a result of the accident.

2. Property Damage Liability Coverage - In the event you're at fault in an accident, property damage liability generally pays for damages to the other person's vehicle. This coverage can also defend you during a lawsuit resulting from the accident.

3. Personal Injury Protection - The costs associated with an auto accident can easily add up, especially if you are severely injured. Personal injury protection will help cover your medical bills, along with those of your passengers, no matter who is determined at fault.

4. Collision Coverage - Collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your vehicle in the event of a covered accident. If the car is totaled, the coverage will pay the value of your car. Depending on the value of your car, collision insurance can be vital. If you have a loan on your vehicle that is not yet paid off, you will be required to purchase this insurance.

5. Comprehensive Coverage - Often times, things happen to your car that are unrelated to an auto accident. Comprehensive coverage is important in the event of weather damage, hitting a deer or if your car is stolen. Your liability and collision insurance won't cover these other situations. This coverage can be great if it fits in your budget, as it can get costly. Again, if you have a loan on your vehicle, this coverage will be required.

6. Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Protection - While state laws mandate all drivers should carry insurance, this isn't always the case. In addition, the state limits can be relatively low, and therefore, not cover the expenses of an accident. In the event that other person is responsible for the accident, you wouldn't receive payment. This is where uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage comes in handy.

Limits and Options 

In addition to knowing the type of coverage you have and/or need, it's important to know your limits. A common question asked of Lake of the Ozarks insurance agents is, "How much liability coverage do I need?" The answer depends on the person and their assets. It's important to understand that if you don't have enough coverage, you could be sued, resulting in the jeopardy of your current assets and future earnings. Another factor to consider is your deductible. While having a higher deductible to keep your premiums down is great, you need to make sure the deductible is something you can reasonably afford.

Auto coverage is critical to have, and even more important is working with someone you can trust should you ever have an accident and need to make a claim. This is just one of the reasons using a local insurance agent is important! If you have questions about your current auto insurance policy at the Lake of the Ozarks or are looking for a new quote, give Insure the Lake a call at 573-348-2794.

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