Thursday, March 30, 2017

7 Tips to Get Your Family Prepared for Tornado Season

Spring brings tornado season in the Midwest, and we're already seeing some weather conditions that are favorable for tornadic activity. While technology has permitted us to be able to predict if a tornado may touch down, it's not yet possible to predict exactly when or where they'll hit, how strong they will be, or that path that they will follow. Once a tornado has formed and has been detected a warning can be issued based on the path of the storm producing the tornado, but even then, it's not a perfect science. Insure the Lake believes the best thing to do is to be prepared and to seek shelter immediately once a warning has been issued.

Here are some things you can do in advance to be prepared in the event of a tornado warning in your area.

  1. Have at least three days' worth of food and water for your entire family stored in a cellar, interior closet, or other safe place.
  2. Have a To Go Bag ready at all times.
  3. Know all the safest shelter locations, e.g. a bathtub or a closet. You may be visiting friends, out shopping, or at the park when a tornado hits. Know how to be as safe as possible wherever you are.
  4. Have flashlights, oil lamps, and other sources of light. Extra batteries are a must.
  5. Have a cell phone charger. During tornado season, always have your phone charged. In the event of a power outage, it's a good idea to invest in a portable charger and keep it fully charged at all times. 
  6. Stay informed by downloading a local TV or radio station weather alert app or subscribe to receive weather alerts via text message. Police and fire departments may also offer this service.
  7. Have family drills so everyone knows what to do and where to go. Have an occasional drill in the middle of the night. Tornadoes don't always happen during the convenient daylight hours.
By proactively preparing for inclement weather conditions with these helpful tips, you can feel more at ease that your family will be ready for the unexpected and can seek shelter quickly and calmly. Don't forget that part of being prepared for tornado season is to check with your Lake of the Ozarks insurance company to make sure your home and auto insurance coverage protects against natural disaster loss and damage. If you're unsure whether you have proper insurance coverage, contact the best insurance company at the Lake of the Ozarks to discuss your current coverage and how we can get you covered to protect your property from the worst.

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