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5 Things To Do To Keep Your Car On The Road

We rely on our vehicles to get us to work, school, and beyond. It works hard for us every day, yet we often forget to repay the favor by properly caring for our vehicles as we should. Yes, we get busy with our daily lives, and it's just a car right? Well, try making your 20-mile commute to work without it, and then tell me it's just a car! The best insurance agent at the Lake of the Ozarks wants to give you some helpful tips from maintaining to properly insuring your vehicle at the Lake of the Ozarks to keep it on the road and doing what it does best, working for you!

5 Things To Do To Keep Your Car On The Road:

1. Clean your car inside and out.
While there's something satisfying about driving around in a freshly cleaned car, there's more reason than that to keep your car clean inside and out. Imagine driving down the road and out of nowhere a deer runs out in front of you. You go to slam on your brakes, but that bottle of pop you threw in the floor board last week has rolled under your brake pedal... Another scenario - You haven't washed your car in quite some time - hence the bird poo all over your windshield and windows. You're driving through town and getting ready to merge into another lane, but because your windows are so dirty you don't see the vehicle beside you. Before you know it you've run someone off the road, or caused a horrendous accident that could have been avoided by keeping your vehicle clean.

2. Change the oil regularly. 
Our vehicles work hard for us, but they can't properly do their job if the engine is not properly lubricated. Not only does regularly changing the oil keep the engine lubricated, but oil helps pull heat from the combustion chamber which prevents your engine from blowing up. It also reduces detergents from getting into your engine and causing damage. By letting your oil go and not changing it out, you'll cause clogging in your engine and will cause expensive damage that in the long-run can take away from the life of your vehicle.
    3. Check your tire pressure. 
    Incorrect tire pressure can cause a lot of problems to your vehicle, including instability, poor braking, and flat tires. By making sure you're maintaining proper tire pressure, you'll save yourself a ton of money by extending the life of your tires to their full expectancy. Under or over-inflated tires don't wear evenly, therefore won't last as long. Driving on under-inflated tires can cause heat build-up which can cause a blowout. Driving at higher speeds on improperly inflated tires can cause hazardous conditions for you and drivers around you as higher speeds cause the tires to heat up and become more susceptible to damage and/or combustion.

    4. Replace your brake pads. 
    Neglecting your brake pads will eventually lead to your brake rotors failing, costing you a lot of money or even causing an avoidable accident. Your vehicle will not stop effectively if your brake pads or rotors are too worn and can't catch friction as they're meant to. A good way to keep your brake pads working longer is by driving with care. Repetitive heavy braking causes more pressure to your brake pads than necessary to make sure you're stopping in time. This wears the pads down quicker and can even cause warping to the rotors due to overheating.

    5. Protect your vehicle with insurance. 
    Last, but certainly not least, make sure you're carrying proper insurance coverage at the Lake of the Ozarks to protect your vehicle in case of an incident. Not only is it required by the state of Missouri to carry at least liability coverage, but it's also important to have so that you and your property is protected in the event of an auto accident or an unforeseen natural disaster occurs. Auto insurance helps to protect you from personal liability, and can help protect you if someone else is injured in an accident caused by you by covering medical and legal expenses. Having the proper insurance coverage is important for so many reasons other than being required by law.
    Just remember, there's more to having a car than just keeping the gas tank full. Show your vehicle the TLC it deserves. Get the most out of your hardworking vehicle by following these helpful tips to ensure your vehicle keeps you going and getting you where you need to be safely. For all of your auto insurance needs at the Lake of the Ozarks, contact the most trusted insurance experts at Insure the Lake. We'll help you get the coverage you need to ensure you and your vehicle stay properly protected and on the road!

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