Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Keep Your Motorcycle on the Road this Summer

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road on your motorcycle! But you can't enjoy that much needed wind therapy if your motorcycle isn't cared for properly. Make sure your motorcycle runs smoothly all summer long and is in the best condition possible to keep your bike out of the garage and on the road with these helpful motorcycle maintenance tips from the best insurance company at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Keep your tires properly inflated. 
When you set off on the open road without checking your tire pressure, you’re taking a big risk. The wrong air pressure in tires can negatively affect everything from handling to fuel mileage. If your tires are underinflated, you could experience sluggish and unstable handling or slow steering. In more extreme cases, the tire may come off of the rim. Too much pressure can cause your tires to overheat, reducing traction, and could potentially cause a blowout. Make sure you frequently check the air pressure in your tires to keep your motorcycle in tiptop condition.

Replace your brake fluid.
There’s no denying that brake fluid is an extremely important part of a motorcycle’s brake system make-up. The fluid is what transfers the force we apply on the lever into pressure, so making sure that we have the correct fluid and that it is well maintained is something that every rider should be conscious of. Brake fluid can become less effective overtime because it absorbs moisture as you go. Replace the fluid every one to two years to ensure your brakes are performing the best they can. Also, change out your brake pads if you find that they are thinning.

Check your oil. 
One of the most important steps you can take to prolong the life of your motorcycle is to check and change the oil regularly. Maintaining the oil is extremely important to ensure your motorcycle runs properly. Without it, your motorcycle's engine would burn up and stop working. If you are about to go out for a ride, check your oil beforehand. If it’s not as high as it should be, make sure you top it off. This will ensure that nothing disastrous will happen while you’re out on the road.

Make sure you grease your bearings. 
Though the majority of motorcycles have covered bearings nowadays, there are the occasional places on your bike that leave your bearings without protection. If you happen to find these on your motorcycle, make sure you consistently grease them for optimal performance.

Create a pre-ride checklist. 
Before you set out on the open road, check the level of your motor and transmission oil, your tires’ air pressure, and for any fuel leaks. Also make sure all of your bolts are tight and your electrical switches and controls are in working order. This will guarantee you will find any problem your motorcycle might have before it’s too late.

Make sure your ride is insured. 
Before hitting the road, speak to an insurance agent to make sure you have proper insurance coverage for your motorcycle. This can help cover any unforeseen expenses in the event of an incident, and can cover cost of replacing or repairing your motorcycle if damage occurs. To make sure you have proper motorcycle coverage at the Lake of the Ozarks, contact Insure the Lake to discuss your coverage options. We'll do a free, no-obligation analysis of your current motorist insurance coverage to determine what coverage you have, if it's adequate to cover your potential medical bills and protect your assets, and see if we can save you a little money compared to what you are currently paying.

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